Tyson Tunes Up for Middle School Jazz Ensemble

I just completed another big band composition for middle school level.  Since I wrote this one for my friend Tyson Hamrick’s group at Owen Middle School, I called it Tyson Tunes Up.  It’s a rhythm changes chart in the key of F with lots of riffs and a few quotes of other familiar tunes also using rhythm changes.  I wanted to write something that would be a good introduction to these very common jazz changes.  Here’s a MIDI realization of the chart.  See if you can name all of the quotes.

[audio:http://www.wilktone.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Tyson-Tunes-Up.mp3|titles=Tyson Tunes Up]

Like I did with my last middle school big band chart, Blackhawk Blues, I left the solo section in the MIDI file without a placeholder solo so that students could use it as a practice track.  If you want to download a copy to practice improvising over rhythm changes in F, here’s the file.

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