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Recently I’ve come across James Boldin’s post Top Sites For Brass, in which he discusses Brass Musician’s Top 10 Online Resources For Brass Players.  James comments and lists some additional resources that he’s found interesting (and thanks for the plug, James!).

Rather than reproduce what those both say, I encourage you go over there and check their recommendations out.  While I’m at it, here are, in no particular order, a few additional brass related sites that I enjoy looking at regularly.  You’ll notice that many of them explore areas other than brass, but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy looking through them.

James Boldin’s Hornworld Blog – A great resource for horn players in particular, but lots of interesting brass, music history, and music pedagogy related posts too.  And I’m not just saying that because he plugged my blog, it’s true!

The Online Trombone Journal – Created by Dr. Richard Human, the OTJ is a library site of reviews and scholarly articles related to the trombone.  I spent some time volunteering for the site when is was still active and have several articles published there, for full disclosure.

The Trombone Forum – A (generally) friendly online forum dedicated to trombone (and lots of non-trombone) related discussion.  Again, for full disclosure, I volunteered with this forum from back when it was associated with the OTJ.

Music Therapy Blog – A blog by a music therapist, Lyle Sanford.  Lyle is an amateur musician and occasionally posts about his efforts to learning to play horn.  He also posts about music therapy, brain research, composition, and other interesting topics.

The Trumpet Blog – Formerly a professor at the University of Northern Iowa’s School of Music, Bruce Chidester’s trumpet blog has posts on equipment, trumpet tips, tips for beginners, news, music and more.  Lots of stuff relevant to other brass instruments too.

Bonezone Oddblog – Dr. Brad Edwards, trombone professor at the University of South Carolina, writes this blog.  Mostly related to trombone playing, much of what he writes about is applicable to other brass instruments too.

Trumpet Herald Forum – There’s more than just the forum at the Trumpet Herald, but I spend most of my time there on the forum.  They have an interesting way of breaking up topics, through “dedicated forums” that only discuss the pedagogy of a particular teacher or method.  While I’m not sure how well that contributes to a broader understanding of trumpet playing, it sure does allow you to investigate and compare popular approaches to trumpet playing.

Those are just some of the sites related to brass playing that I find myself visiting regularly.  I’ve intentionally held a few back for another similar post sometime in the future.  You can also look to the right sidebar and see some other recommendations of mine.  Let me know if you’ve got one to suggest in the comments below.

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