“Apres un Reve” for Solo Trombone and Piano

Several years ago I arranged Gabriel Faure‘s composition, Apres un Reve for a trombone student to perform.  I posted a PDF of this arrangement online and promptly forgot about it.  Now that that web site redirects here I’ve been getting some requests to make it available again.

I wrote out this nice vocal solo specifically for high school and young college trombonists.  I selected the range so that the highest pitch is only B flat above middle C, accessible by most high school seniors.  It starts off easy, in the lower register, which gives a nervous student a chance to get things moving and relax during a performance, but then will challenge the student to play smoothly and musically in the upper register throughout most of the piece.  There are some good opportunities to also teach about alternate positions in a few spots.

Here are the links to the PDFs.

Piano score
Trombone part

Please be aware that there is at least one copy clam.  In the right hand piano part, measure 42 is missing an accidental E natural on count three.  You’ll want to mark that for your pianist.  Please let me know if you find any other mistakes.

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