Nils Wogram – Guess the Embouchure Type

Nils Wogram is a jazz trombonist from Germany. He’s really a terrific player, he’s got that great combination of excellent technique paired with a lot of creativity. I was surfing YouTube and came across this fantastic solo using multiphonics.

There’s not really a good look at his chops in this video to really guess his embouchure type. It *seems* like his mouthpiece is fairly high and close to the nose, but the camera never focuses closely enough and at a good enough angle to say more than his embouchure is one of the downstream types. I did want to post that video, though, because it’s a really neat example of what someone can do with multiphonics.

This video has a much clearer shot of his chops.

Wogram’s solo starts about 2:25 into the above video. Watch it and guess his embouchure type. My guess below the break.

His mouthpiece placement is definitely high enough that is almost certainly is downstream. As I mentioned above, it looks like a “very high placement” embouchure type. The first good look I spotted of his embouchure motion was about 3:16, when he plays a line that descend quickly and then ascends back up. You can see he pulls his mouthpiece and lips down to descend and then pushes back up to ascend. You can see another really good look at his embouchure motion from a different angle starting around 3:47. This fits Wogram into the “very high placement” embouchure type.

His mouthpiece placement is off center to his right side, but not as much as some other players out there. Everyone’s anatomy is different and sometimes for not so obvious reasons, a player will find an off center mouthpiece placement to be the best placement. There’s really no ideal mouthpiece placement, there are only individuals.

Did you have a different guess? What about Harry Waters’s embouchure type? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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