Guess the Embouchure Type – Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards, who teaches trombone at the University of South Carolina, has started upĀ at the Trombone Embouchure Video Project where he is challenging many trombonists to video record their embouchures and post them so that others may make use of them. Here is Brad’s chops. Take a look and see if you can guess his embouchure type. I’ll hide my guess after the break.

With Brad’s very high placement and easily observed embouchure motion, this one is pretty clearly a “very high placement” embouchure type. Notice also his flat chin and consistently firm embouchure formation throughout his range. You’ll notice his mouthpiece placement is consistent and doesn’t bob around when he articulates also. All good features to emulate for all brass embouchure types, not just the very high placement type.

I hope that many others will take Brad up on his challenge. It will give me great blogging fodder and also allow many more folks to learn about brass embouchure types.

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