The Gamblers Play Hunstville, AL April 17-18, 2015

This weekend (April 17-18, 2015) I’ll be performing two swing dances with The Gamblers in Hunstville, AL. To be honest, I don’t yet know the details of exactly where and when we’re playing, but if you’re a swing dancers connected to the community there you probably know where to find all that info. When I get the specifics I’ll try to remember to post them here.

The last time I performed in Hunstville I got the chance to help out a horn player with her embouchure and it looks like I’ll have some down time on Saturday, April 18 on this trip. If you’re interested in a lesson, or just want to hang out over coffee and talk shop, drop me a line and we can try to work out a meeting.

Update – Here’s a link to info about Saturday night’s dance.

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