MusicWorks! Asheville

I’m very excited to have joined MusicWorks! Asheville as a teaching artist last week. MusicWorks! is an El Sistema inspired after school program for children in Asheville, NC. It’s under the direction of Brian Kellum. We’re working with students at Hall Fletcher Elementary School, along with Hall Fletcher music teacher, Melody McGarrahan.

MusicWorks! is an intensive artistic and social program inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema, offered after school in the city of Asheville to children in underserved populations that uses music education as a transformative and Empowering tool to teach life skills.

Right now we’re starting with kindergarten and 1st grade students. Next year it will expand to include the rising 2nd graders and include new kindergarten students. It’s our goal to grow the program every year in this way.

MusicWorks! Asheville was the recipient of a grant given for music education to the Asheville Symphony Orchestra.

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