Guess the Embouchure Type – Danielle Elsinghorst

Here’s another quick “Guess the Embouchure Type.” Watch this video of trombonist┬áDanielle Elsinghorst and see if you can guess which embouchure type she has. This one is a tough one. My guess after the break.

Based on her mouthpiece placement I think it’s almost certain that her embouchure is one of the two basic downstream embouchure types, but as to which of those two types she belongs to it’s harder to say. Her horn angle is close to straight out, which is more common with the “very high placement” type players. However, she uses very little embouchure motion but from what I can spot (the best look I notices was at 1:00 into the video) it appears that she is pulling down to ascend and pushing up to descend. If true, that would classify her embouchure type as the “medium high placement” type. With this embouchure type it’s less common to have the straight out horn angle (although it does happen), which makes me wonder if I’m correct. However, with “medium high placement” embouchure type players it’s not uncommon that their embouchure motion can eventually become very minimal as they develop to advanced levels, so that may be another clue. It’s usually easier to spot the embouchure motion with players belonging to the other two embouchure types. So my best guess, for now, is “medium high placement” embouchure type. Either way, she plays extremely well.

And of course, the bit where the conductor steps out and moves her slide for her is silly. And I’m impressed that the two of them were able to make that sounds as good as it did. It reminds me of another YouTube video that I’ll just tease you about for now and post later.

What embouchure type did you think? Did you spot something in that video that made you suspect something different from me?


Funny, at first I thought her embouchure must be upstream because of the horn angle. I clicked over to watch her play Carnival of Venice and now I suspect the odd horn angle is due to her euphonium playing. In that video you can tell more easily that she has a high placement downstream embouchure because there are some close up shots that show her upper lip protruding out past her bottom lip. Good eye!

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