Getting (and Keeping) a Gig

Like many musicians, I’m not really all that interested in the business side of music.  I mostly want to create music and prefer to let other people handle the details of booking, managing the budgets, and stuff like that.  Unfortunately, real like doesn’t always let me work this way so I’m constantly trying to learn more about how the business works and improve the way I promote and manage my own music and the groups I work with.

Heather McDonald has written a series of articles dealing with the music business and one of them concerns how to get a gig, and also importantly, how to get asked back.  She lists several important things to keep in mind when you’re promoting your band.

  1. Think locally
  2. Get your promo packet together
  3. Approach the venue
  4. Approach the promoter
  5. Understand the deal
  6. Play the gig

McDonald follows up with some additional tips that not only is good advice to keep you sane but also help you get invited back for a followup show.  She includes recommendations to not get too caught up in the contract, but don’t pay to play and respect the guest list.  Excellent advice that I need to work on more myself is to invite the press.

Check out more of what she has to say in her article.  Can you think of anything else that you would add?

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