Honey Pie For Saxophone Quartet

I cranked out another arrangement for the Lenoir Saxophone Ensemble recently.  This one was on the Beatles tune, Honey Pie.  Here’s a MIDI realization.  You’ll have to pretend you’re hearing real musicians, but you can get an idea what I did with it.

[audio:http://www.wilktone.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Honey-Pie1.mp3|titles=Honey Pie]

With every arrangement I’ve written for them I’ve tried to give each one it’s own unique feel or hook to set it apart from the rest.  This one was easy in that respect.  I left the old-timey feel from the Beatles recording in there and pretty much stuck to the same form and harmonies, just scored out for the saxophones.  The members of the Lenoir Saxophone Ensemble told me they usually perform one novelty-type piece on every performance and when they listed this tune as one of the possible charts to write I figured it would fit that bill pretty well.  I think it should sound pretty good on real saxophones.

This is the last chart of the series they asked me to write for their upcoming project.  I’ll be sure to post when they are performing any of these pieces, in case anyone is in the area and cares to hear them.  I think they’ll be doing some recording sessions this summer too.  They are an excellent quartet and worth hearing if you get the chance.  Go to their web site and you can listen to some samples in the audio player, including my arrangement of Body and Soul.

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