Jazz Improvisation Workshop with Jack Wilkins March 27, 2012

Saxophonist and Director of Jazz Studies at the University of South Florida, Jack Wilkins, will be giving a free masterclass on jazz improvisation this Tuesday, March 27, 2012, at 7:30 on the campus of Davidson College.  If you’re near Davidson, NC this Tuesday night you should try to get out an check out this workshop.

Thanks to Patrick Brown, who teaches jazz and saxophone at Davidson, for hipping me to this masterclass.  It’s unfortunately too long a drive for me to make when I have to teach at 8 AM the next morning, but I’m sorry to miss it.  Jack (no relation to me, our last names are different, even though my name sometimes gets misspelled like his) is a great player and I’m sure he’ll have some great stuff to talk about.  Keep your eyes posted in case he plays nearby while he’s traveling through.

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