Performing Attire For Musicians

A short post for my first of 2012.

I’ve noticed a lot of younger musicians showing up to gigs calling for “concert black” attire wearing all black.  Concert black means tuxedo for the men and formal black dress for the women.  Black bow tie and cummerbund gentlemen, women should have longer dresses or skirts that go to the ankles.  Other attire that working musicians might want to get a hold of include a dark jacket for coat and tie.  It’s not uncommon for me to play shows where the attire is navy blue blazer, white shirt, tie, and khaki pants.  Khaki pants and a golf shirt is also sometimes used for less formal shows.  All black is very common, but you’ll want to avoid things like black t-shirts and black jeans, get something a little more formal.  Wear appropriate shoes on the gig too.  Don’t wear gym shoes unless the performance is informal.

If you don’t have these clothes yet and have aspirations to perform start accumulating them.  You can find a cheap tux at any rental place if you buy one used.

Happy New Year and happy gigging!

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