Haim Avitsur – Name That Tune

Israeli trombonist Haim Avitsur has a “name that tune” contest for trombonists (or anyone who knows a lot of trombone literature).  Here’s a YouTube video of him performing excerpts from 25 different pieces for solo trombone and piano in 33 different cleverly edited clips.  Take a listen and see how many you can recognize.

Haim writes about this contest:

Take my challenge and win prizes! Trombone players of the world! This video is a compilation of 33 excerpts from 25 pieces for trombone and piano. See how many you can recognize!

Here is how you participate:

1. Like the video on YouTube (thumbs up on the right side of the video).
2. Write down the name and composer of the excerpts in the order they
appear. (ex. Trombone Sonata by Corelli). Additional information (ex.
composer’s first and middle name or movements) will get you props but
are not needed to enter the raffle.
3. Send your list to name.that.tune.part1@gmail.com

Deadline for correct entries is January 15, 2012 (12 noon EST). Only
one entry per person.

Grand prize:
$200 iTunes gift card
The card will be raffled on January 22nd among those who sent all the
correct answers. In the unlikely event that no one has all 33 correct
responses, the raffle will be among those who sent 32 correct answers

Participation prizes (9):
(To be raffled among all participants who send correct answers by the deadline.)
Three $50 gift cards for Dillon Music
One $50 gift card for Sam Ash Music
Five $10 gift cards for Sam Ash

I didn’t do too badly, I’ve performed a lot of them.  Some sound familiar, but I’m not certain which pieces they are from.  All in all, I was able to come up with 16 of them.  How many can you get?  If you’re not going to enter, post your solutions here for me and help me get them all and win some music.

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