Land of the Sky Symphonic Band at Diana Wortham

Yes, I’m plugging yet another gig.  If you’re in western North Carolina this weekend you can not only hear me perform with the Appalachian Orchestra’s fundraiser concert on Saturday, but can also come to hear me conduct the Land of the Sky Symphonic Band.  The concert is at 7 PM on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at the Diana Wortham Theater in Asheville, NC.

We’ll be performing a variety of works for concert band and wind ensemble, so there should be a little something for any classical music fan.  For example, we’ll be playing some transcriptions of the William Tell Overture and Mars from the Planets.  There are also some traditional concert band pieces like the William Byrd Suite and Irish Tune from County Derry, but also some newer pieces like Scootin’ on Hard Rock and Cartoon.

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