New Look, Layout Issues

You may have noticed the new look.  After changing the WordPress theme I noticed that it created some issues with the paragraph spacing and block quotes.  Please be patient while I try to figure out how to correct those issues.  If you notice something else that needs fixing, please let me know.

Update – I’ve worked out a solution for the paragraph spacing, but the block quotes fix is still eluding me.  Anyone know how to write CSS?  And is it just me or are the pages loading very slowly for you too?

Update 2 – Block quotes are now showing up properly.  I think everything should be fine now, but please let me know if you spot something that needs fixing.


Hey Dave,
Actually I’m finding that the pages are loading much faster with the new layout. The old one took a few seconds to load (for me anyway). I like the new layout!


Thanks for letting me know. It was bogging down for me for a while, but maybe it was just my own connection. I’m glad to hear it’s running faster.


Lyle Sanford

The new layout is very easy on the eye. Loading at least as fast as before. Miss the photo of you, though. Speaking of which, I always assumed the microphone was for recording purposes, not for amplification. (Just last week our community band director said the trombone had been proven to be the loudest of the instruments.) If I’m wrong and you do sometimes use amplification, would be very interested in how you do it.


Thanks everyone!

Lyle, my photo on all the pages was one of the first things I wanted to go! How could you not be tired of seeing that? That photo was taken at a big band gig where we were using mics for solo reinforcement. It’s not really necessary, but it helps regular soloists pace themselves for a longer show.

Lyle Sanford

Dave – Thanks for the info on the mic, as I’m always on the lookout for info on how people are using audio equipment. I do sort of the same thing so that some of my players can focus more on good tone than trying to project a lot of sound.

As for the photo – I remember seeing somewhere the suggestion that bloggers should have a photo of themselves on the blog to help readers have a feel for who you are, and that makes sense to me. But I also understand the getting tired of looking at photos of yourself, being a fairly non-photogenic type person myself.

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