Gig Anecdotes

Gig Anecdotes is a web site devoted to exactly what you would expect, personal anecdotes about wacky experiences by gigging musicians.  For example, there’s the story about the highly experienced drummer who took a gig working with an amateur choreographer.

We all got a bunch of satisfaction out of this exchange, which took place immediately after another of her inane musical ‘directions’ —

Dancer: Have you ever even worked with dancers before?
Drummer: Sure I have.
Dancer (incredulously): Oh really? Where?
Drummer (nonchalant): Academy Awards.
Dancer: (silence)

The stories from most of my own gigs were either had-to-be-there moments or are mostly sad, rather than funny.  Like the time I showed up for a jazz gig at a venue that turned out not to be a country club, but a country bar (no, there wasn’t chicken wire).  The couple of patrons in there left as soon as we started playing, except for one drunk who pulled out a harmonica and proceeded to play along with us.  The bandleader mistakenly thought if he let him sit in on a blues he’d be satisfied and stop, but that just encouraged him.  This went on for an entire set.  Did I mention he was the only audience member at this point?  For a moment I thought the pianist was going to get in a fistfight with him.  Needless to say, that was my one and only gig at that club.

Have a gig story you want to share?  Go over to Gig Anecdotes and tell the world.

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