Jazz Trombone Transcriptions by “bobilleg74”

My friend Alan Greene, who plays with me in the Asheville Jazz Orchestra, told me about a great YouTube channel by “bobilleg74.” Bob has has 29 uploads of jazz trombone solos and his transcriptions of them.  There are a handful of solos I’ve already done and several I’ve not heard before.  There are also a few he’s done that were solos I’ve been thinking about transcribing myself.

While it’s tempting to just learn the solos from Bob’s transcriptions (and I’m sure I’ll end up just stealing a lick or three this way), I’m still planning on working on some of those transcriptions myself at a later date.  The benefit from transcribing isn’t just learning what notes and rhythms a great soloist improvised, but training your ear and learning the style through focused and repeated listening.  It’s neat to then compare what you came up with to someone else’s transcription.

Check out this great resource here.

Rob Egerton

Thanks very much, Dave, for mentioning my YouTube channel. It’s proving to be pretty popular with our fellow trombonists. There are now just short of 50 transcriptions on there with more in the pipeline – and loads more on my ‘to-do’ list!

Again, many thanks! All the best!


Rob Egerton

Thanks! Like you, I did a lot of transcribing whilst studying and since then, they’ve all been sat in a folder. I’m glad I had the idea to put them on YouTube – it’s got me back into the habit and sharpened my ear a lot.
Great site by the way!


Hi Rob,

Im looking for a transcription of hunting wabbits solo played by andy martin and wondered if you had one, many thanks!


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