The Rocket for Jazz Ensemble

Many of my compositions have been published by PDF Jazz Music, an online publisher that sells music as downloadable PDF files.  Because they only deal with the PDF format music is really quite cheap (around $20 for big band chart, less for combo charts).  You can also listen to recordings of the music and view a score on the web site, which will allow you to hear whether or not the music will suit your needs before you purchase it.

Recently they got another one of my big band charts published, called The Rocket.  I wrote this tune for the Asheville Jazz Orchestra to play at our old weekly gig at the now-defunct Rocket Club.  I wanted to have a section that could be opened up for different soloists in the band and give some of the band members who might not otherwise get to play solos a chance to stretch out a bit.  In retrospect, there are elements of both Sammy Nestico and Thad Jones in the arranging and the changes are loosely based on Sonny Rollins’s St. Thomas.

You can go listen to this tune (and purchase a copy, if you’re so inclined) at my composer’s page on PDF Jazz Music.  Be sure to check out some of the other composers.  There are some “heavy weights” who have music available there, like Jim Martin, Frank Mantooth (a former teacher of mine) and Don Ellis.

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