Brevard Philharmonic Plays Schumann

Tomorrow (Sunday, November 13, 2010) I’ll be performing with the Brevard Philharmonic at 3 PM in the Porter Center Auditorium at Brevard College, NC.  The concert celebrates the 200th anniversary of Robert Schumann’s birthday (well, his birthday was on June 8, 1810, but it was 200 years ago).

Performing Schumann’s Cello Concerto in A Minor, Op. 129 is Franklin Keel.  While I get to sit out on that one (no trombones), I get to play alto trombone in Schumann’s Symphony No. 3 in Eb Major, Op. 97 “Rhenish.”  If Wikipedia can be trusted, I see that both these pieces were completed in 1850.  The fourth movement of the Symphony is particularly beautiful.

It’s been fun practicing alto trombone again.  I haven’t played it seriously since graduate school, over 10 years ago.  I had to borrow one from Dr. Dan Cherry, my colleague and trombone professor at Western Carolina University.  Thanks, Dan!

Also on the program is the ever popular Fanfare for the Common Man, by Aaron Copland.  All in all, a fun concert for me.

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