Guess the Embouchure Type – Tubist Øystein Baadsvik

It’s time for another one of my installments of “Guess the Embouchure Type.”  This week I’m going to see if I can tell what embouchure type the great Norwegian tubist Øystein Baadsvik belongs to.  Take a look at this video of him playing the Vittorio Monti version of Czardas and see if you can tell.  Although he moves around a lot, making it tough to get an easy look at his chops, beginning around 3:35 into the clip you should be able to spot enough to make an educated guess, if you know what to look for.

There are two things to you need to spot, the ratio of upper to lower lip inside the mouthpiece and the general direction of his embouchure motion.  His mouthpiece placement is such that he has more upper than lower lip inside the mouthpiece, which probably makes his embouchure one of the common downstream embouchure types.  You can also get a pretty good look at his embouchure motion and see that he is pulling the mouthpiece and lips together down to descend and pushing them up to ascend.  This would classify his embouchure type as the Very High Placement type.

As always, I want to caution everyone to not try to adopt someone else’s embouchure type just because you want to emulate their playing.  The Very High Placement embouchure type is one of the more common ones, but this is because more players have the physical characteristics that fit this type.  The embouchure type that will work best for you is completely dependent on your anatomy and isn’t a choice that you can make.

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