Larry O’Brian Retires From the Glenn Miller Orchestra

This may be of interest to some of you.  Trombonist and leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Larry O’Brian, is retiring soon after 25 years of being on the road.  Another trombonist, Gary Tole, will be taking over as Music Director.  I had the opportunity to work for Larry a couple of times in the past few years on the Miller band.  He was very nice to me, making a special introduction of me during my first show with them (he heard I was “Dr.” Wilken and I think figured at first I was a medical doctor, which made for some amusing quips on the concert).

Congratulations on your retirement, Larry!  Congratulations on your new position, Gary!

Barbara Berlet

I have seen the Glenn Miller orchestra, under the direction of Larry O’Brian, many times—mostly at the Orpheum in Galesburg, IL and in Clarinda, IA. I am a long time member of the Glenn Miller Birthplace Society. I want to wish Larry a “Happy” retirement and best wishes to Gary Tole. Glenn Miller has been very special to me since the early forties. Keep his music alive!

Richard Bagni

Hey Larry, I was just looking you up on the Internet and came across this notice of your retirement in 2010. Wow, what a career! Why not look me up when you have a chance? I’d like to do some catching up.

Your old High School friend.

Dick Bagni

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